La Feria De Cali
Other Names
Feria de la Cana (Sugar Cane Fair)
-Feria de la Salsa (Salsa Music Fair)

-Starts December 25 and goes until the 30

-Festival started in the city of Cali in Colombia

Historical Background
- Started in 1957

Desfile Feria de Cali
Desfile Feria de Cali

-A cavalcade-enormous parade
-Beauty contests
-Salsa dancing contests
-Orchestra contests
-They have international orchestras that represent all the tropical rhythms and dance numbers,
because of this they are known as the Fair of Rumba.
-U.S, Cuba, Caribbean, and Colombian orchestras have become the main activity of the fair.
-Cabalgata (horse back rider parade)
-Athletic activities and competitions
-Cultural exhibitions

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-Salsa music is the most popular dance at the Feria de Cali.
-Salsa is a common term to describe popular Latin Dance music.

- Canaveralejo Bull Ring is renowed for skill of its bullfighters
- Lots of rituals and traditions revolve around the way the bullfights are done
- Bullfight from Canaveralejo
- In one kind of fight three bullfighters work to stab flowery swords into a bulls back

Foods of Cali
-Coffee and Sugar
-Sancocho de gallina ( soup with chicken, plantain, corn, coriander, yuca root, and other seasonings)
- Sancocho de gallina recipe

Why It Takes Place
Feria de Cali is a celebration of the region's identity.